Budget Courses

English Courses
Great value English courses are only $145 per week
English Certificate
English Certificate Level 2 and Level 3 (Spoken and Writing), AU$120 per week. The half-year tuition fee is only $2,900, and the first half-year tuition fee is paid to get a one-year visa
Trending specials NAATI course tuition starts at only $5,500, and the CCL online course is only $1,800 for 12 weeks
Accounting PY course special offer one-year tuition only $4,350 (original price $6,500-$13,000)
Certificate and Diploma courses, only AU$3,900 for the whole year
Sydney special foundation courses, only AU$17,400 a year
University undergraduate courses: a total of $57,600 for three-year undergraduate courses, approximately RMB 288,000